What’s LongPlayVinyl?

LongPlayVinyl was created so you could get your dose of the industry related information.

On this website we’ll be sharing our vinyl hauls, music updates, interviews with music shops and record collectors. We’ll be doing videos, reviewing albums, talking about gear and repairs, we’ll be sharing deals when we find them, we’ll probably even be doing giveaways from time to time. Our main goal is to become your favorite one-stop-shop for everything related to vinyl records and other “vintage” music subjects.

You are highly encouraged to send it requests, to share your stories and collections with us and of course you are welcome to comment on our content.

You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Who is LongPlayVinyl?

LongPlayVinyl is first of all, all of us: music lovers, collectors and crate diggers.

This website is ran by 2 guys from Montreal, Sasha and Pooks.


About Sasha

Sasha has been in love with music since he was a little kid. He remembers playing with a reel-to-reel player when he was 4 years old and he remembers his dad yelling at him to stop touching the tape with his fingers. The term musicophile is proper here because Sasha likes to hear the music everywhere, meaning that quality of the sound, although important isn’t always crucial.

Sasha has seen his phases of 90s house music, grunge, punk, metal, trance and even balkan/gypsy/folk. Although these days he listens to many different styles of music mostly because of his growing collection of vinyl records.


About Pooks

Pooks was only a couple of years old asking his parents to play “the song with the coins” (Pink Floyd’s “Money”) and “the one with rain” referring to Black Sabbath’s self-titled song. His musical influences were led by his parents’ love for rock and its numerous derivatives; blues, folk, prog, hard, psychedelic… Going from rock (punk, heavy metal, power metal, prog, blues, psychedelic) to jazz, to funk/soul, to hip-hop, to electronic (house, deep house, techno, trance, psy trance, electro, synth-pop and early electronic).

He’s constantly digging for great songs which “have a soul”, no genre or style discrimination. His obsession with sound has many faces; listening, mixing, creating or drooling over old school samplers, drum machines and analog synthesizers. Pooks swears by his Technics 1200s and the vinyl surrounding him.

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