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Welcome to Long Play Vinyl

Welcome to Long Play Vinyl!

We’ve been talking about starting the website for much longer than we should have but finally it’s here. So who is “we” and what is Long Play Vinyl (LPV)?


Long Play Vinyl is run by two guys, Sasha and Pooks who are seriously into music and have been from their birth (probably). Pooks has been passionate about vinyl records, reel-to-reel and other (now vintage) analogue music formats for as long as I can remember. Sasha used to play old 78’s on his grandfather’s gramophone when he was a kid but moved on to tapes, cds and finally digital.

However, Pooks’ obsession with LPs got me curious about it and since I had a dozen records lying around for the past 10 years or so (which I played from time to time on an old Crosley, please forgive me), I decided to get a better turn table and find some more albums that I would like to listen to.

There are quite a few great resources online when it comes to the vinyl culture but we often find ourselves searching for information that doesn’t exist or that’s scattered all over the places and isn’t very helpful. This is where we got the idea of launching this blog.

Long Play Vinyl isn’t limited to record collecting or some other single aspect of the vinyl culture. We buy new albums, we do crate digging, we collect and we enjoy playing our records. We love the equipment and music in general so we’ll be addressing these subjects as well. Does vinyl really sound better than digital? We’ll try to figure that out with time and share the results with you.

So here is the thing.

If you love records, if you like wasting your time at garage sales and vinyl shops, if you spend hours just sitting in your room listening to your favorite LPs and if you are constantly thinking how to upgrade your equipment without taking out a second mortgage than this is the right place for you.

Lots of stuff coming soon, stay tuned.


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  1. Hello Sasha and Pooks,
    your site looks great. I’m certainly bookmarking your blog and looking forward to readin more of your articles.


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