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Author: Sasha

Pink Floyd’s 1995 album Pulse set for vinyl reissue in 2018

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. Probably you’ve been in the same boat. One of Pink Floyd’s best LIVE album, Pulse, officially released in 1995 has been a holy grail vinyl for many vinyl collectors and Pink Floyd fans. The 1995 vinyl release has been going up in prices for many years. At the moment of writing this cheapest listing on Discogs is over $300 for a very questionable condition box set and goes up to almost $2,000 USD: However, the band just announced that this album will be reissued on...

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Digging for Vinyl Records in Havana, Cuba

Sometimes we go to extreme lengths when it comes to finding vinyl records. Whenever I end up in a new city or a new country I always try to find some records. Unfortunately I can’t always buy them but I try.     In March of 2017 I went to Cuba for 7 days. Before leaving I tried to do research on record stores in Cuba and was always led to one single place, Seriosha’s Record Shop.   Havana’s Only Record Shop “Tienda Seriosha” is on Neptuno No. 408, between San Nicolas and Manrique in Centro Havana. It’s one of the oldest record stores in Havana and probably the only one. I was very happy to find the shop but I wasn’t as excited when I saw the records. They have been obviously neglected and are simply stacked up all over the place. Most come with sleeves although they’re still dirty inside and out. Many of these records are badly scratched and some of them are broken in pieces. Don’t freak out when you spot cockroaches running over the crates and records but do make sure there aren’t any inside the sleeves when you leave the shop, you don’t want to bring those back home (or even to your hotel). You will mostly find Cuban records which is really awesome. There is a lot of latin, African and jazz...

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How To Store Your Vinyl Records

Whenever someone gets into listening to music on vinyl they might simply have a few records laying around. However as the collection grows, we realize we need to store them somewhere. There are bad and good ways of storing your music and this is the subject of today’s post.   How To Store Your Vinyl Records Properly Check out this video with all the details and examples:   1. Keep you records away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The heat will warp your records and they will become unplayable with time. Make sure to keep your vinyl records away from heaters and other sources of heat. For example my receiver runs pretty hot and the ventilation openings are on the top cover. So I need to make sure to never put an LP on top of the receiver. Direct sunlight is also a heat source. Additionally, bright sunlight damages the paint on cars over time. Just imagine what it will do to your records! If you value the covers of your records that usually come with amazing artwork then make sure to keep them away from the sun.   2. Storing Your Records. If you have just a few records you might get away with a box or even a milk crate. Just make sure that the records fit freely into the box without you having to force...

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