Incredible Amazon Vinyl Haul: 650$ worth of records for 100$

When it comes to vinyl hauls we’re usually talking about finding a mint record collection, or nice thrift store finds or even yard sale scores at low prices. I’ve seen a few videos on Youtube where people brag about their “Amazon haul” where they simply spent $50+ on a 2014 re-issue of The Wall. That’s not a haul. That’s not a deal in anyway.

However, in this instance I was able to get AC/DC’s Back in Black 2009 limited edition UK pressing for $5.50USD, brand new on Amazon. Also Led Zeppelin (Deluxe Remastered Edition) [180g Vinyl 3LP] for just $7.40 when Amazon usually sells it at $50+ and many other awesome deals.

Check out this video where I show off the 15 items that I got from Amazon at a fraction of their real cost:

And here is the full list of the items I received:

  • 2x Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems (LP + CD)
  • Flying Lotus – You’re Dead 4LP
  • Suicidal Tendencies – No Mercy
  • Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin (3LP)
  • The Beatles – Live at the BBC (3LP)
  • The Rolling Stones – Sweet Summer Sun (3LP + DVD combo)
  • Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills 7″
  • Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do 7″
  • Iron Maiden – Wasted Years 7″
  • Iron Maiden – Twilight Zone 7″
  • Iron Maiden – Infinite Dreams 7″
  • 2x AC/DC – Back in Black
  • Radio Radio – Havre de Grace (2LP)

By my standards it was a pretty awesome haul! I have shared these deals through different Facebook groups and even on reddit and lots of other folks were able to get some of these items at a discount. In the next post I’ll explain what happened and how I was able to get such low prices.

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